Mark McCoy Productions LLC

The Movie


  • Scenes in the film will show how firefighters live and work, and how strategies and tactics are employed to fight fires.
  • Statistics and facts will be put on screen as subtitles without interfering with the flow of the film.
  • Narration over the fire action scenes will provide pertinent educational information throughout the movie.
  • Live radio traffic during action scenes will provide insights into how the firefighting plan comes together.


What you will learn from this movie


Firefighter's lifestyle

  • Firefighters are ordinary people from all walks of life.
  • The brotherhood and sisterhood of the fire service.
  • Some history and traditions of the fire service such as bagpipes, practical joking, etc.

Fireground operations

  • Preplanned routes to addresses.
  • Standardized assignments at firegrounds for units on arrival.
  • Incident priorities- life safety, incident stabilization, property conservation (who shows up and why).
  • Strategy and tactics (who does what).  Such as: rescue, exposure, confinement, extinguishment, overhaul, ventilation and salvage.
  • Incident managment: How command is assumd and passed on.
  • Follow a fire scene through station alerting, response, size-up, risk management, apparatus placement, modes of operation, personnel accountability and multiple alarms.

Fire behavior

  • Going inside the structure with a live fire will prove to be an unforgettable experience.
  • The audience will witness how the fire spreads, the path it takes, the speed it travels, and the behavior of heat and smoke.
  • These lessons will aid in teaching families how to escape from house fires.
  • Many of these lessons will be subtle yet unforgettable.