Mark McCoy Productions LLC



     We are currently in contact with several fire and safety industry leaders and large format production companies regarding funding and the production of this project.  Their responses have been positive and many have inquired about different sponsorship levels and how they can become partners in this project. 



     "The IMAX format is all about taking viewers to a place they couldn't (or wouldn't) take themselves. FireFighter will take viewers inside a burning building and show what it takes to be an emergency first-responder. This film will appeal to audiences of all age groups from all over the world. It'll be a great tool to teach viewers about fire safety and survival."


John Lewis / Director of Theaters / Bullock Texas State History Museum


     "It sounds like an interesting film that could not only achieve the goals you outlined, but could serve as a great inspiration for many to enter the fire service- either as career or volunteer firefighters. Perhaps we can help promote it on our Facebook page:"


Danielle Cagan/Senior Director/Corporate Sponsorships/Fireman's Fund Insurance Company


     "We wish you the best of luck in what sounds like an interesting project. I look forward to seeing it come to fruition; please keep us informed."


Welles Bullard / Marketing manager / E.D Bullard Co.


     "It was great talking with you on the phone and hearing your enthusiasm for this project...Sounds pretty intriguing! Yes we are interested in learning more!...You are absolutely right that all fire films to date have failed in capturing the true chaos of a real fire...We see it as opportunity to further fire safety knowledge."


Stewart McMillan / President/CEO / Task force Tips