Mark McCoy Productions LLC

Our Educational Plan


     Project Fire has the potential to be a vehicle that could drive the largest public education and marketing campaign on fire safety and fire prevention the industry has ever seen.  This project will reach millions of people internationally and provide millions of households and businesses with pertinent life saving information and material.


     A forty minute 2D or 3D large format educational and adrenaline filled movie; an action packed thrill ride that puts the audience in the boots of the firefighter.  This movie is not a documentary about firefighters.  It is to show the general public what it is like coming face to face fighting the fire from all aspects and everything involved.  The information and lessons you will learn about firefighting and fire behavior COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.  We will reveal the true nature of firefighting in a way that has yet to be done, a way that can only be done via the immersive effect of a large format film.  This will be the most realistic firefighting movie ever produced.  A truly realistic firefighting film will gain the respect and endorsement of firefighters and firefighter related organizations and will entertain and educate all its viewers.


     This film promises to have an extremely long life.  For example, it can be re-released every October in conjunction with fire safety month because of its valuable public safety messages.  The realism of the film and its accurate portrayal of proper firefighting tactics make it an invaluable tool to be used over and over again as a recruiting and training film for fire departments around the world.



     Below are two links that will go into greater detail on the educational value of this movie and the theater Expo's.