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Project Fire


The action footage in this presentation is a sample of what you will see in our movie. Action footage provided by Robert Schield with Fire Cam 


     This film is about the Firefighter experience. Firefighters are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job.


     At most any point on any map, it is easy to spot firefighters and their equipment.  Firefighters around the world share in a brotherhood belonging to the highly trained men and women who are willing to risk their lives to save others.  Whether they live, eat, and rest together for twenty-four hours as a crew at a fire station or respond individually from their homes, when firefighters come together to do their job they all share one of the tightest bonds of any group.  Firefighters all over the world respond to the call and disappear behind the veil of smoke and fire to enter a world that only they are allowed to see.  We want to lift that veil and allow the movie going public around the world to see the fire as we see it; from the other side.  People worldwide are fascinated by firefighters and we want to give them the chance to see the mysterious world that is otherwise beyond their reach.


     Firefighting is a global brotherhood. When firefighters travel to other countries, a stop at the nearest fire station is almost always on the agenda.  Since the advent of modern firefighting equipment in the 1800's, industrialized nations around the world have formed fire departments and fire brigades made up of career paid firefighters and/or volunteer firefighters.  Because the training employed and the equipment used is similar worldwide, firefighters around the globe, whether paid or volunteer, share similar organizational structure and tactics.


     The general public has no idea what it means to be a Firefighter.  The word invokes grandiose images and emotions: excitement, adrenaline, fear, courage, camaraderie, teamwork, redemption and loss.  But the words themselves or any images yet seen on screen do not do justice to or adequately represent the actual experience of Firefighters.


     Representations of Firefighting are still virginal grounds.  Large format film (15/70) is the perfect medium for bringing the Firefighter experience to light.  The immersion effect of large format film creates a first person point of view with an impact that cannot be duplicated.  Much like Firefighting, large format film images, sounds and immediacy are bigger than life, overwhelming and personal, with no punches pulled.


     The words Firefighter and large format independently create powerful images.  This Firefighter movie will be a thrill ride! A rock-your-world event that will keep viewers enthralled, entranced and stunned! For forty power-punched minutes we will unleash the guts of firefighting!


     We will reveal the true nature of Firefighting in a way that has yet to be done, a way that can only be done via large format film.


     Suit up, grab a tool, and let's go fight some fire! 


We would love to get your feed back on our project. We believe we can truly create the experience of firefighting for our audience with a 3D IMAX® format action packed educational movie on Firefighting.


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